Our Building Story

Industry, innovation and creativity is in our blood.  The site of our gallery and creative studio space has been home to pioneering artists, inventors & entrepreneurs since 1767.  This cavernous hub of creativity, tucked behind a modest entrance on High Bridge was built in 1903 on the footprint of Henry Watson’s original C18th High Bridge Works.




It started here. Watson’s High Bridge Works was established and began to blaze a trail of innovation and creativity that was celebrated for centuries.


Henry Watson inherits the family business at High Bridge Works. Visionary Newcastle inventor Lord Armstrong commissioned Watson to produce the rotary engine that pioneered the use of hydroelectricity.


Ward’s printers, first established 1845, move to High Bridge and build on the Watson family legacy of inventive workmanship on this iconic site.


The Ward’s Building opens at 31-39 High Bridge, establishing a long and successful printing works throughout the twentieth century.


Waygood Gallery and Studios is founded and establishes High Bridge as a dedicated workspace and venue for contemporary art and design.


Following an ambitious £10m structural refurbishment, Ward’s Building reopens as BALTIC 39; a unique cultural hub in the city centre with gallery, studio, office and teaching space. This evolved to High Bridge Works in 2021.

Our Team


Building Coordinator

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Front of House Coordinator

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