Everyday Urban Landscapes

02 August 2022

Giedre Ka is a Lithuanian artist living and working in Newcastle. Having
studied architecture, her work has naturally been influenced by the built
environment and urban streetscape.
Her main interest is the everyday unseen urban landscape, those places and
aspects of our towns and cities, which are all too often overlooked or
degraded as ordinary yet give back so much to the character of the places
we call home. Through a structured approach to painting, her aim is to
draw out the beauty and highlight those aspects of urban landscape usually
not valued or considered worthy of celebration or recognition in art.
This is the focus of her ongoing collection “The Unseen” which through a
series of urban perspectives attempts to honour, relay and acknowledge
those places we pass by everyday.
The ongoing series of the “Urban Illustrations” explores the fabric of the
built environment. From the photographs taken whilst travelling, the
images are then transformed into drawings, striping back and highlighting
the beauty of the architecture and urban elements.