Funeral Poems

04 July 2024

Mark Dawson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tyne and Wear. His work explores themes of memory and loss.


Although he has had a life-long involvement in the creative industries as a musician, photographer and writer, Mark only began painting in 2018, following the death of his father. Finding some unused acrylic paints among his father’s possessions led to the artist using the medium of painting to explore notions of grief; in particular, the role that memory plays in recounting and making sense of traumatic incidents and experiences.


This has led to a body of work which sets out to explore the fallibility of memory, how memory and emotion can be unlocked through colour and composition (often creating false narratives and memories), and how the act of creating can ultimately help to heal.


The works presented in ‘Funeral Poems’ aim to obscure and subvert the viewer’s gaze to encourage them to attribute their own interpretations on which hazy, distant memory or emotion the artist is attempting to recall or represent.


The exhibition is open during High Bridge Works building opening hours.

All works are for sale. Please contact Mark directly at