No Last Dance

25 April 2024

A group exhibition and a one-day symposium at Newcastle Contemporary Art exploring how time is intrinsic to the act of making and viewing painting. The exhibition will showcase exciting approaches to painting that will be a stimulus for discussion about how artists sustain a motivated and ambitious practice with or without public recognition.

The exhibition will run from April 25th – May 18th 2024.

There will be an exhibition opening celebration, 4-7pm on April 20th.

On May 18th there will be a symposium 2-5pm, followed by the Late Shows opening 6-11pm.


Helen Baker

Virginia Bodman

Debbie Bower

Annette Chevallier

Sarah Cooney

Charles Danby

Jennifer Douglas

Bob Edgson

Natalie Gale

Rachel Gibson

Ian Gonczarow

Lorraine Lawler

Rachael Macarthur

Paul Merrick

Abdullah Qureshi

Ellen Ranson

Louise Scott

Andy Sheridan

Helen Smith

Sue Spark

Flora Whiteley

Becky Woodhouse