Outside Our View

21 March 2024

The exhibition, organised and curated by Rachel Eleanor Brook and supported by Newcastle Contemporary Art will take place in the reception area of High Bridge Works.

Outside Our View serves as a platform for artistic expression, emphasising the importance of continued attention and compassion for the people of Palestine enduring ongoing catastrophic warfare, creating a space where diverse voices come together to amplify the call for solidarity. Works submitted range from direct responses to the current situation in Palestine, as well as more general themes of peace, mutual care, and oppressed communities. The exhibition will not feature any artworks promoting racism, xenophobia, antisemitism or islamophobia. Words and images will be suitable for an all-ages audience.

This exhibition will not only be awareness-raising, but also raising money for the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

Edit РThe exhibition succeeded in raising a whopping £1,100! We would like to extend a massive thank you to all those involved. 


Photographs courtesy of Newcastle Contemporary Art.