Reynols 30th Anniversary Exhibition

13 November 2023

This month and next, the reception of High Bridge Works will host an exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of experimental Argentinian band Reynols.

Reynols are an Argentinian experimental band that began in 1993 in Buenos Aires. Their musical diversity spans everything from cosmic free rock, lo-fi drone and electronic music to conceptual sound art and socio-political observations. 

This exhibition will present a range of archival documentation surrounding the band Reynols. Expect a deep dive into the archival documentation of the group featuring photographs, artwork and ephemera from throughout their years…

Presenting physical artefacts from collectors and enthusiasts around the world, the show will give a glimpse into the bands unique and esoteric discography.

This exhibition has been organised by Newcastle Contemporary Art.

You can find out more about Reynols eclectic career on their Instagram and on the NCA website.