The Famous and The Indifferent

02 May 2023

For this exhibition Jeremy Fay presents a series of portraits completed at various stages of his career.

Taking inspiration from both the classicism of Renaissance art and the rawness of early Twentieth Century expressionism. He constructs portraits from personal photographs as well as images sourced from magazines and newspapers. With his own vivid, gestural style Fay reinterprets these existing ‘true’ camera images. The paintings instil a quality of memory and offer an essence of each subject’s individual character. They are at times humorous, endearing, and familiar, regardless of whether the subject is famous, or the indifferent.

Fay has previously exhibited in Germany, Italy, South Korea and Switzerland. You can see more of Jeremys work on his social media.

The exhibition will run from May 2nd to May 18th, in the reception of High Bridge Works.

Prices available on request by emailing the artist: