HBW Winter Exhibition 2022/2023

To end the year we put an open call out to our entire building community to submit a piece of work for display in our Winter Exhibition, held in the reception area of our building. We’ve had a good turnout, with twenty two studios or artists represented! The works range from print to photography and painting and give an exciting snapshot into just some of the incredible work that goes on within High Bridge Works

The show will be up until January during our normal building opening hours

You can find out who did what using the handy guide below


1 Peter Mackay-Jackson, Building Coordinator

2 Altogether, Studio 30

3 Jeremy Fay, Studio 3

4 Chris Morton, Studio 13

5 Forty One Thirty, Studio D

6 Everything, Studio 29

7 Amar Naru, Studio 15

8 Giedre Ka, Studio 16

9 Sally Pilkington, Studio 17

10 Ben Pilkington, Studio 17

11 Bridge and Tunnel Productions, Studio C

12 Jolly Creative, Studio 23

13 ALT STUDIOS, Studio 5&6

14 Chris Leedham, Studio 14

15 Alice Card-Hall, Front of House Coordinator

16 Ellie Clewlow, Studio 19

17 David Wala, Studio 20

18 Unit 44, Studio 9&10

19 Bobzilla, Studio 11

20 Candice Tripp, Studio 27

21 Gary Carter, Studio 3

22 Harper Perry, Studio 18