Chris Leedham exhibition reunites artist and sitter

The Chris Leedham exhibition held in our foyer led to an unexpected reunion between painter and subject.

Whilst most of Chris’ paintings depict friends and family, there was an exception…. Two of her paintings are of a man named Tope, who had been a waiter that Chris got chatting to back in 2017. At the time Chris was looking for models and had asked Tope if he would allow her to paint him. He agreed, so she snapped a couple of pictures on her phone and was on her way.

In chatting during the curation and installation of her show, we discovered that Chris had actually never been able to get back in touch with Tope to show him the paintings she had done of him. When they were completed, she did return to his place of work but discovered he no longer worked there.

We decided to have a search for him on social media and amazingly were able to locate his profile and reach out to him.

Tope got back to us, and we were able to arrange for him to visit the show and catch up with Chris! She has since gifted the paintings to him!


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