HBW Winter Exhibition 2023/2024

Our second High Bridge Works building community exhibition is showing this January in the building reception.

Last year we stuck to one wall, this year we’ve branched out to three…

Fourteen artists and creatives submitted their work this time around. Take a look at the images and names below to see who submitted what.

We are looking forward to next year already!

Left to right


Image 1

Unit 44, Studio 9 & 10

Giedre Ka, Studio 16

Peter Mackay-Jackson, Building Coordinator

David Wala, Studio 8

Adam Pointer, Studio 3

Bridge and Tunnel Productions, Studio C

Altogether, Studio 30


Image 2 

Gary Carter, Studio 3

Jeremy Fay, Studio 3

Chris Morton, Studio 13

Adam Pointer, Studio 3

Giedre Ka, Studio 16

Alice Card-Hall, Front of House Coordinator

Chris Leedham, Studio 14

Studio Reiver, Studio 15

David Wala, Studio 8


Image 3

Chris Leedham, Studio 14

Bobzilla, Studio 11